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Have you ever thought about what it takes to make an amazing tutor? Daniel Abud, expert tutor and founder of multiple tutoring companies, has put a lot of thought into this. During his career, Daniel has accumulated well over 5,000 hours of one-on-one tutoring experience. This is why Carolina Tutor hires only the best of the best of what’s available, and why we’re a company worth trusting. Prior to being a full time tutor, Daniel received a BS in engineering and an MS in business, worked as a chemical engineer, brewer, and professor of chemistry.


We have over two dozen tutors on hand, all hand-picked from a vast pool of applicants - less than 10% of applicants make the cut. Keeping our company small and managed by someone within that city allows us to have direct oversight of each and every one of our tutors while maintaining quality relationships with them. We use smart tools to allow everyone to stay in touch with each other, track progress, and access quality tutoring materials. We are a company with focus, organization, and strong leadership.


We create systems and processes built to help students succeed on standardized exams, to enhance comprehension of math, and to gain valuable life-long-learning skills. If you wish to speak with Daniel directly about any of these processes, we would be happy to schedule a call.